Below is the professional staff of Ryan Insurance, LLC. Their emails are next to their names for easy access, and they can all be reached at the main office number (620) 231-3500. The notable take away from the staff, besides their long experience and knowledge, is the length of time they have been with the agency. The average is 18 years, and 4 have been with the agency for over 30 years! That speaks both to the success of the Agency, the quality of their work, and the customer satisfaction as well as the atmosphere of “family” at Ryan Insurance, LLC. Please contact anyone below, at any time, for the highest quality service and knowledge. Everyone here recognizes that our client is our most important asset.

These are “The People You Can Trust”!

Ray Ryan, President (

Ray, a life-long Pittsburg resident, began his insurance career as an adjuster with General Adjustment Bureau (G.A.B.), in 1961. He then opened Ryan Insurance Agency in 1969, starting with no clients, and only two Carriers! Today, Ryan Insurance, LLC, is the direct result of that humble beginning, driven by Ray’s work ethic and commitment to customer service, representing more than 10 carriers and numerous brokerage houses. His experience in Claims made Ray exceptionally knowledgeable on both coverage and the way a Carrier approaches a claim settlement, which makes him uniquely able to be an advocate for his clients when they experience a loss.

Ray is a past President, National Director and State Board Member of the Kansas Association of Insurance Agents, and has received multiple awards such as “Agent of the Year” recognizing his and the agency’s dedication to the industry.

Wally Wilson, Vice President (

Wally brings over 45 years of experience to Ryan Insurance, LLC. He was born and raised in Joplin, MO, so the region is familiar to him. Wally has managed the operations of a Top Fifty National Agency as well as the underwriting functions of a Top Fifty Brokerage Co. Wally is very knowledgeable about coverage and the best way to market accounts to the various carriers to secure the best terms and conditions for the clients of Ryan Insurance.

Wally provides Commercial and Personal Lines consultation to the clients of Ryan Insurance, LLC.

Mike Ryan, Loss Control Executive (

Mike, the son of Ray Ryan, is the Loss Control resource at Ryan Insurance, LLC. Mike assumed a full time position with the agency in 2013 and leads the Loss Control piece of the agency business. Mike, with long history as Chief of Baker Township Fire District has unique insight into fire and loss prevention. This service can result in substantial premium savings to the clients of Ryan Insurance, as well as preventing the trauma and disruption of a large loss.

Albert Eshelbrenner, Commercial Lines Consultant (

Al has worked in the insurance business for 45 plus years, as a company underwriter, and as an agent. Al has been producing Commercial Lines insurance for his clients at Ryan Insurance, LLC, since 1976. Al believes in face to face communication with his clients, and always maintains a positive attitude in his work and approach to his clients needs. His one goal is to assist his clients with the placement and service of their insurance needs.

Annetta Trammell, Commercial Account Manager (

Annetta brings over 35 years of working knowledge and experience to her position as Account Manager. Annetta has been with Ryan Insurance for 20 years, and is responsible for the larger, more complex Commercial accounts, working closely with Ray Ryan to provide the highest standard of care and service for the client.

Pam Mendicki, Commercial Account Manager & Claims Manager (

Pam has been with the agency for over 30 years, filling almost every position in the office at some point. Pam handles the service for the agency’s large book of Municipal and School accounts, as well as co-ordinating all the claim files.

Cyndi Lucas, Commercial Account Manager (

Cyndi has been with Ryan Insurance for over 10 years. Her background in banking is an asset in the marketing and servicing of her client’s accounts. Cyndi works primarily with Al Eshelbrenner on his accounts.

Katie Swezey, Personal Lines Producer/Account Manager (

Katie is the Agency contact for new business in the Personal Lines arena. She brings her love of interacting with people coupled with her desire to  provide assistance to each and every client and potential client to the table every day. Katie is active in the community and her Church community and is always ready to discuss the many options of the Personal Lines marketplace.  

Brenda Gilbreath, Personal Lines Account Manager (

Brenda leads the Personal Lines unit at Ryan Insurance, LLC. She is very experienced with all coverage that an individual could need to protect their personal assets from loss. She loves working with the client, and takes great pride in providing the highest standard of service and expertise to the Personal Lines clients of Ryan Insurance, LLC.