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Employee Benefits

Just as the name implies, this insurance provides “Benefits” to the employees of a company for which they work. These benefits appear, most commonly, as Health Insurance, but can also include Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Specified Benefits insurance (Cancer, Hospital Stays, etc.).

Ryan Insurance, due to their relationship with Acrisure is now offering this form of insurance to their clients, old and new. The same standards of service can now be offered, along with assured expertise in plan design, premium and administration.

Let us work with you, and a selected Acrisure Partner Agency in the Kansas City area. Our partner agency is Heritage Companies, and you can find a link to them on our Home Page. We promise that we would not bring Heritage to our clients without a very close and thorough evaluation of their experience, their markets and their ethical approach to doing business.

Let us work with you to extend the Ryan tradition of service and attention to detail to your Benefits Insurance program.

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