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Ryan Insurance Pittsburg KS

Ryan Insurance was established in 1969 with a singular vision: to provide unparalleled service to its clients. With just one carrier and Ray (“Pinky”) Ryan himself as the sole employee, the agency embarked on its journey and for over five decades, the evolution continues with an unwavering commitment to serving the client base.

Today, under the leadership of Ray’s son-in-law, Wally Wilson, the agency continues to flourish and expand its presence in the community with now 13 dedicated employees, representing 19 carriers and 7 brokerages. Ryan Insurance stands as the premier agency in Southeast Kansas, renowned for its adaptability and commitment to meeting clients’ diverse needs. Whether it’s standard insurance policies, large aggregate/stop-loss programs, owner-controlled construction wrap-ups, individual captives, group captives, or full self-insurance, the agency prides itself on offering knowledgeable and professional solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation.

Having been a cornerstone of the Pittsburg community for over 50 years, Ryan Insurance remains steadfast in its dedication to the area and is committed to another 50 years of service. Recognizing the importance of reciprocity, Ryan Insurance actively gives back to the community through both time and financial support, understanding that true relationships are built on mutual respect and support.

At Ryan Insurance, trust is paramount. The agency’s motto, ” People You Can Trust,” encapsulates its core values and commitment to excellence in service. With a storied history of service and a promising future ahead, Ryan Insurance continues to shine as a beacon of reliability and integrity within the insurance industry.

The entire staff commits to the following:

  1. Phone calls returned same day.
    Every call, every time.
  2. Emails responded to same day.
    Every email, every time.
  3. Endorsement requests to Carrier same day as received.
    Every request, every time.
  4. Certificate of Insurance requests done same day.
    Every Certificate, every time.
  5. Claims filed the same day as notified.
    Every claim, every time.
  6. You will have the cell numbers of your Producer and/or your Account Manager.
    There is never a time you cannot reach someone. Never.
  7. No renewal is just accepted without comment. Every renewal is “shopped” the same as a new client.
    Every Renewal. Every Time.

Every client is the most important client in the office when they contact us with a concern, question, or need for service. Every Client. Every Time.

Service Standards

Ryan Insurance Pittsburg KS

Ryan Insurance prides itself on committing to the highest standards of service for our clients. This means personal assistance with not only coverage assessment and claims, but also, Loss Control and Premium Containment.

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