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Ryan Insurance Pittsburg KS

Ryan Insurance begun in 1969, when Ray Ryan decided to leave his position as area Claims Manager for General Adjustment Bureau, and form Ryan Insurance. That successful beginning led, in the spring of 1979, to a merger with The Angwin Stanley Agency to form Angwin Ryan Stanley. As the business evolved it became clear that Ray was the driving force behind the agency, and it was renamed, in the fall of 2013, Ryan Insurance.

In June of 2019 Ryan Insurance became an Acrisure Agency Partner, a Top 10 Worldwide Insurance Organization. This relationship brings even more markets, influence and expertise to our clients.

Ryan Insurance prides itself on being a resource for their clients and the community. Recognizing the need to be an active and vital part of the community and the region, and that no flourishing relationship is one-sided , is integral to the way Ryan Insurance approaches their business and their relationships.

The entire staff commits to the following:

  1. Phone calls returned same day.
    Every call, every time.
  2. Emails responded to same day.
    Every email, every time.
  3. Endorsement requests to Carrier same day as received.
    Every request, every time.
  4. Certificate of Insurance requests done same day.
    Every Certificate, every time.
  5. Claims filed the same day as notified.
    Every claim, every time.
  6. You will have the cell numbers of your Producer and/or your Account Manager.
    There is never a time you cannot reach someone. Never.
  7. No renewal is just accepted without comment. Every renewal is “shopped” the same as a new client.
    Every Renewal. Every Time.

Every client is the most important client in the office when they contact us with a concern, question, or need for service. Every Client. Every Time.

Service Standards

Ryan Insurance Pittsburg KS

Ryan Insurance prides itself on committing to the highest standards of service for our clients. This means personal assistance with not only coverage assessment and claims, but also, Loss Control and Premium Containment.

Ryan Insurance & Acrisure, LLC

In June of 2019, Ryan Insurance became a Partner Agency of Acrisure, LLC, one of the Top 10 Brokers in the world, with offices across the country and overseas.

This unique relationship allows Ryan Insurance to manage the day-to-day agency operations, banking relations, community relationships, etc. as they always have done, while Acrisure allows Ryan Insurance to leverage the wide expertise, nationwide service capabilities and carrier clout of a Top 10 agency. As in most things, size creates influence, and influence benefits our clients!

Through Acrisure, Ryan Insurance can now handle your Benefit Programs; from Health, Life, Disability and other “Voluntary” Benefits. This is an area in which Ryan did not participate actively in the past, but now has the expertise at hand to offer our clients.

So, in brief, Ryan now has all the best attributes of a large/Top 10 agency combined with their long history, and reputation of providing the very best in client service, ethical representation, and support of the local community.

We now bring the best of both worlds into play for our clients. A true “win-win” for everyone!

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